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W.R. Phillips Ltd stock a comprehensive range of genuine factory parts and accessories for our brands, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Mitsubishi

All of our parts come with the assurance of expert advice, a 2 year warranty and support, and competitive pricing.
Most items can be sourced and delivered overnight.
We also have a wide range of genuine vehicle accessories and merchandise available, from scale models and clothing through to alloy wheels.
Should you have any specific request, please feel free to contact us on 0508 889 889 or make an enquiry via our parts enquiry form.
We are open 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Friday

Fluids and Cleaners
To maintain high performance, and protect the inner workings of your vehicle and its parts, regular use of genuine fluids and cleaners are your best option. Using the best fluids and cleaners for your vehicle will also save you money long term. Your vehicle will need all of the below fluids and cleaners at one point or another during your ownership, all of which are available at Service and Parts Centre

Engine oils Transmission fluids Brake fluids Gear oil Screen wash Coolant Cleaners, penetrant and degreaser Additives, sealants and special lubricants

Genuine Filters are responsible for protecting your vehicle against impurities in the air, fuel and oil. Unlike aftermarket alternatives, Genuine Filters are engineered specifically for your vehicle and provide the best protection available. Don't take the risk of reducing your vehicles performance.

Air filter Cabin filter Fuel filter Oil filter

Engine and Drivetrain
The Engine and Drive Train are responsible for the unique power and performance of your vehicle you experience every time you jump in the driver's seat. Why would you risk this fantastic performance? Always ask for Genuine Parts. The following parts are just a few of those making up the Engine and Drive Train.

Clutches Spark plugs Timing belts Exhaust

Brakes and Suspension
The importance of the brakes and suspension should never be overlooked, because the handling of your vehicle is in direct correlation with the quality of the parts used to service your vehicle. Not only does smooth handling make driving your vehicle more enjoyable, the superior maneuverability can help to avoid collisions making you safer on the road. Genuine parts ensure the handling of your vehicle remains as it was engineered to be. Some common parts that make up the brakes, suspension and steering are:

Brake pads Brake discs Suspension components Wheels